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What we do.

Zoë Melo is the liaision between designers, manufacturers, corporations, NGO/ONGs and other non-profit organizations around the globe, collaborating, interfacing and guiding all parties along the way to transform concepts into successful projects. In essence, we are connecting the dots. Our work is done with a special focus on the needs, lifestyles and choices of the global community and where it will be heading to — today and beyond.


  • 1-design_on_site

    Design on Site.

    We curate exhibitions, collections, and events, providing product selection, creative direction and more.

  • SmartPath


    We facilitate design development through smartpath, our proprietary creative process of discovery and understanding.

  • Learn&Interact

    Learn & Interact.

    We’ve learned a few things along the way…. sometimes the hard way… and we believe in passing that knowledge on.


Design. Here. Now.

Recognizing that in a wold of digital explorations, there is a hunger for authentic, real world design adventures, Zoë Melo is offering discovery trips to artisan communities, with hands-on seminars, workshops and lectures on site. Stay tuned for more details.