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Organized and co-curated by Miami International Airport Fine Arts & Cultural Affairs Division Director Dr. Yolanda Sánchez and Zoë Melo. The exhibition actively challenges conventional notions of a singular Brazilian aesthetic or identity


Sem Fronteiras/Without Borders is an engaging exhibition presenting the very best and most innovative of Brazilians art, design and craft. The show features the imaginative work of 24 Brazilian artists, designers and artisans through ceramics, basketry, textiles, jewelry, furniture and fashion, as well as selective examples of photography, engraving and sculpture.

Says Zoë Melo: “Just as Brazil has started to establish itself internationally as an economic powerhouse, the country’s artists and designers are being discovered around the globe as well. Staging this show in Miami makes perfect sense, as it is the place where not only different cultures meet, but where art and design enjoy a high level of attention. And our selection certainly deserves to be in the international spotlight.”

The MIA Fine Arts & Cultural Affairs Program is directed by Dr. Sánchez, who has in recent years set out to organize thoughtful and vibrant exhibitions of arts and crafts from various nations. More than six months in the making, this latest show has not been without its challenges but the result does more than justify the effort. “We are so pleased to host this engaging show, which we hope will promote greater awareness and interest in Brazilian culture and its diverse arts,” said Dr. Sánchez. “This show is important not only because it showcases good design, but it also highlights how design can be integrated with social responsibility – preserving endangered traditions and supporting communities.”

sem_fronteiras_06 sem_fronteiras_05sem_fronteiras_03 sem_fronteiras_02 sem_fronteiras_01

Represented artists, designers and artisans:
Alexandre Sequeira
Brunno Jahara
Carla Tennenbaum
Christian Ullmann
Cores Da Terra
Domingos Tótora
Estúdio Manus
Fetiche Design
Gueto Design
Iça Project
Ivone Rigobello
Jalapa Project
João Maciel
Mana Bernardes
Marcenaria Trancoso
Mônica Nador
Notus Studio
Oferenda Objetos
Project ASAS
Renata Meirelles
Rogério Fernandes
Sérgio Mattos

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