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By invitation of Surface Magazine and editor-in-chief Dan Rubinstein, we organized an exhibit during New York Design Week, staged in an empty storefront located in the Meatpacking District. Later on, we brought the exhibit to Los Angeles as well.

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A showcase of Portuguese and Brazilian design
Curated by Zoë Melo

On display was the work of a group of product and furniture designers from Brazil and Portugal. Distinctive in personality and style, they are working seemingly un-connected within the market dynamics of their respective countries, yet they all draw inspiration from a shared cultural heritage.The temporary exhibition was envisioned to provide a platform to share and to exchange the cultural and social aspects of the two countries with a focus on the use of materials, production method and sustainability as a starting point.

A sunday morning design conversation included David Trubridge, designer, Rita Bothelo, designer, Dan Rubinstain, Editor-in-Chief, Surface, Frederico Duarte, design critic, and Zoë Melo, curator.

Brazil: Brunno Jahara; Domingos Tótora; Estúdio Manus (Caio de Medeiros F, Daniela Scorza); Tátil Design (Fred Gelli); Kimi Nii; Cores da Terra (Guido Deleu); Rodrigo Almeida; Tatiana Sperhacke ; Tetê Knecht; 100% Amazonia (Installation).
Portugal: Krv Kurva; (Jorge Moita) ; SUSdesign (Ana Mestre,Catrina Galvão, Eduardo Gonçalves, Fernando Brízio); Pedro Sottomayor; Rita Botelho; Rita Cordeiro; Raquel Soares; Studio Verissimo; The-Home-Project* (Albio Nascimento, Kathi Stertzig)

Introductory essay by Frederico Duarte, Design Critic

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