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Curated by Jen Renzi and Dan Rubinstein, InDisposed was shown in New York during Design Week & ICFF and then Zoë brought it to Los Angeles where it was on display in the TOUCH showroom from June 24, until July 10, 2009

Participating designers were asked to create pieces that are made from environmentally sustainable materials, portable (considering the object’s intended use), able to be disposed of in a responsible and convenient way, and conceivably able to be mass-produced.

indisposed_02 indisposed_01 indisposed_07 indisposed_06 indisposed_05 indisposed_04
InDisposed featured work by:
Andrea Ruggiero
Adrian Kondratowicz
Atema Architecture
Design Glut
Jeff Miller
Kevin Patri Mccarthy
Paul Loebach & Chris Specce
Redstr Collective & Chris Cao
Carlos Salgado/Scrapile
Situ Studio
So Takahashi
Suzanne Tock
Takeshi Miyakawa
Tobias Wong
Tom Chiu

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