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International in outlook, Zoe has traveled the globe searching for her inspirations and visions of the world, going to far off cites and villages with hard to pronounce names. Her main focus is in the needs, lifestyles and choices of the global community, where it will be heading to from now and beyond. Leading designers, artisans and manufacturers of products for the environment, home, office, textile, fashion and beauty industries seek out her advice, creative ideas, and intuition in developing their own lines, and production process. She consults on image, product design, retail and interiors, for a wide variety of clients, from product brands, fashion, designers, artisan communities and innovative trade events. Very often the products reach the market spontaneously in their readymade form. Other times She works closely with designers, artisans and brands to develop new products. For her it is really all about instigating aesthetic arrest and locating an essence within a world that is becoming more and more as a department store. Zoe and collaborators see the current social and political situation as a reason to share, exchange and protect the environment and create a better world for future generations.

(photo credit: Bruna Filleni)

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