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At Big City Forum L.A. Zoë talked design as catalyst for change. This particular evening, Zoë showed some of the projects by ASAS and how the group is changing a community.

The project ASAS (solidarity craft from Aglomerado da Serra) is an initiative that starts early 2007 as a extension academic project of capacitation in design and craft sectors that  currently become an integrated activity that add proposals in several areas such as sewing, fashion, craft bookbinding, silkscreen and management of bamboo. Under the coordination of Natacha Rena and Bruno Oliveira, the projects seek to elaborate additional productive process, intend to serve and strengthen a productive web in the Aglomerado da Serra (Belo Horizonte / Minas Gerais, Brazil). Through the development of experimental proposals, the executor team consolidated a multidisciplinary method of technical and creative training of income generation associated with the production with high value, bringing aspects of contemporary design and urban crafts.

In 2010, the ASAS was awarded the first of the A CASA – Museu do Objeto Brasileiro prize, was finalist in the Planeta Casa 2010 prize and was one of eight winners of the Santander Universidades prize, in the category Universidade Solidária. Other conquest of the project in the academic sector was the Top Educional Professor Mário Palmérico prize promoted by Associação Brasileira de mantenedores de Ensino Superior.

The project already has a partnership and support of several actors; the FUMEC university; Fica Vivo program; BH Cidadania, Escola Municipal Padre Guilherme Peters; Associação de Moradores da Vila do Cafezal; Grampo store, Quina Galeria, Raiz da Terra, ACES, TASK.

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