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Hi, I’m Zoë.


When I made some serious adjustments to my career path in 2004,  I made the decision to engage with designers and artisans communities to work on meaningful projects and to create products that go beyond what is generally considered beautiful from a design perspective. The real beauty of a product often lies beneath the surface. It’s in the story of how it was conceived, its in the process of how it was created.

Much of my work is — and has been —  focused on people and process. On artisan communities, crafts, processes and materials.


It is in the convergance of people and process where my work and vision manifest. The intent is to implement locally with possibilities to spread ideas globally, so they not only benefit a particular group or community, but hopefully inspire many others as well.

In my work with designers, I challenge them with basic questions along the journey. as quite often, beautiful results come from the careful consideration and understanding of seemingly simple challenges.


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